Hello world!

And welcome to Lindstream.com, my “internet-treehouse” and the launchpad for my projects. More about me; I’m, a graphic, php (along with MySQL), css/2/3, x/html/5 -kinda guy from Sweden, that’s it I guess - contact me if you want to know more! :)

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What am I up to?

This is my “lifestream”, a mixup between my personal and my wonder-app Daccrs tweets.

Welcome to the labaratory!

Theese are my current personal projects and lovechilds.


Daccr started out as a personal project (built by me, for me) and is currently in a "hush-hush" private-alpha mode. Contact me for an invite.

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This site was handcrafed by me at late summerish nights in Stockholm. Feel free to be inspired, don't steal. Much love.